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Island Thrift wants to ensure you have the best experience possible when applying for a grant. Please read the following information on this page carefully and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns contact the Island Thrift Philanthropy Committee and we’ll be happy to help you.

About Island Thrift Grants

Island Thrift awards grants for specific projects, events, and new programs on Whidbey Island that support seniors, youth, or quality of life – with a special focus on the local communities served by our thrift store. Grants are funded primarily by the sale of second hand items at our thrift store that were generously donated by the community.


Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis without deadline; however, please note the important timeline considerations to ensure you request your grant in time for when you would need it. Funding decisions are made by a majority vote of the board of directors and are driven by such factors as the number of people to be served, the needs and abilities of an organization, and the potential for funding from other sources.


Grants for general operating support (such as those for salaries and overhead) are typically limited. Grants that are to be regifted to other groups or individuals are also typically limited. To ensure an equal opportunity for funding throughout the community, we respectfully ask that an organization submit only one Island Thrift grant application per year.

List of Awarded Grants

A list of grants Island Thrift has awarded can be found on our Community Grants page. This is a great way to get an idea of the types of organizations, events, and projects we support.

Find Even More Grants at Sno-Isle

Are you also looking for additional sources of grant funding? Sno-Isle Libraries, in partnership with Candid, now offer the premier grant search databases, Foundation Directory Online and Grants to Individuals, for free at the Freeland and Marysville libraries.


Search profiles of more than 230,000 donors and 17 million grants to find prospective funders that match your nonprofit’s goals. The library can even provide you training on how to use the databases to be the most effective in your search.


Learn More on the Sno-Isle Website

For questions regarding Island Thrift grants, please contact the Philanthropy Committee.

Directions To Get Started

1) Important Timeline Consideration: To allow enough time for a funding decision and post-award coordination, please submit your request at least 60-90 days before the grant is needed.

2) Ensure you are familiar with our grantmaking priorities by reading the 'About Island Thrift Grants' section above if you have not already.

3) Determine the grant application that corresponds to the total amount of your funding request, and then access the grant application portal using the buttons in the next section below.

Simple Grant Application for one-time grants of $100 to $1,000 total

Full Grant Application for grants of more than $1,000+ total

4) Draft grants can be saved in your account account for up to six months while you work. Draft applications that are inactive for six months or longer will be archived.

5) Please use your organization's mailing address so that we may reach you by US Mail.

6) A complete application is required for grants to be considered.

7) Ensure that you click the 'Submit Application' button on your grant application when you're ready to submit. You'll get a submission confirmation email from us as proof of your grant submission.

8) Once submitted, organizations may be contacted to provide more information, or in some cases to give a brief presentation of the grant proposal (10 minutes or less) to the board of directors.

9) Funding announcements are made by US Mail typically within 60 to 90 days from the time of application submission.

For questions or assistance regarding eligibility, grants, and applications, or to submit information regarding your matching grant results, please contact the Island Thrift Philanthropy Committee.

Available Grant Applications

  • Simple Grant Application for one-time grants of $100 to $1,000 total
  • Full Grant Application for grants of more than $1,000+ total

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